How Much You Get Per Click with Google Adsense?

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The amount you get per click with the Google Adsense program varies. If you want to know how much you earn per click all you have to do is have your website or it's pages broken down by channels. If you look in the morning or whenever you have very few clicks, you can see what you are making per click.

Here's an example of a few of my channels with how much I made for 1 click:


google earnings per click

You can also divide your earnings into your clicks to get an average per click.

You can image my shock when one day I got a click for $47.29. That's very very rare. I think the advertiser must have made a mistake. At the time I thought that when Google reviewed the account at the end of the month they'd take that money back but they didn't. If I run an Advanced Report for May 22nd, the day of the high click, I can still see the click:

adsense high click

So I definitely got paid for it!


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