How to Write Articles That Target Your Keywords

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Have you heard the phrase, Content is King? Most seasoned website owners know that this is true and spend a great deal of their time generating unique content for websites. The more unique web content you have, the more pages you have indexed in the search engines and the more visitors you'll have coming to your web site. No doubt these smart website owners spend a lot of time writing articles. Writing articles is a great way to share your knowledge on a subject while increasing traffic to your website. While you are writing articles for your website you should also be targeting your website's keywords.

First you create a topic related to your keyword. Let's say for example is your targeted keyword is ecommerce and you decide to create an article about the different types of shopping carts. You do not need to put a lot of keywords in your page content. Just make sure your content is interesting and informative for the reader. You should always remember to create content for your readers not for search engines so don't stuff your page with keywords that don't make sense when read by a site visitor.

When you create your article put your targeted keyword in

Title - 1 time
Body - 2 - 3 times
Resource Box - 1 time (Optional)

Good luck with creating your own unique web site content.

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