Common Reasons For Your PayPal Account To Become Limited

paypal account limited

If your PayPal account becomes limited, you won't be able to use the account until certain verification steps are completed. You can find specific information on why your PayPal account access was limited and how to restore access by logging into your PayPal account. Typically, you are asked to update account information, fax or upload proof of identification to PayPal. Hopefully once PayPal has received the information requested, your PayPal account will be restored.

Reasons for a PayPal Limited account:

Size of withdrawals

Some proxies & IPs of unsupported countries

Too Many refunds/chargebacks

Amount of money going through account

Credit/debit card that does not check out

Types of products being sold

Website Content

Tips to prevent your PayPal account from becoming limited:

Do not open a new account and receive a large sum of money right after verification.

Do not login to your account from multiple IP ranges.

Do not frequently modify your account information.

Do not add or remove credit cards on your account frequently.

When you receive a large sum of money do not try to immediately withdraw the money, or send it to another account because you might suspected of having received fraudulent funds.

Make sure your website is in compliance with the latest PayPal policies.

While you should keep a small balance of money in your PayPal account, never keep more money than you can afford to loose.

I personally had my PayPal account status limited for over a year. I sent several emails and tried to appeal their decision. It didn't do any good. I kept getting the standard "Dear Jane" letter. PayPal didn't tell me what I had done wrong just that my account status was limited and I should refer to their policy to see why. I read the policy over and over again and I knew that I had met all of their standards.

PayPal also kept the money that I had in my account and I couldn't have access to it. Prior to this I had used PayPal to process credit card payments for 5 years or so. I just finally gave up. A year after the account limitation I called them on the phone and tried one more time. My account was immediately reinstated. I had to resend them a utility bill and my drivers license. I never knew what the problem was. I think it was some sort of mistake and I'm happy that it got cleared up though. During the period that I could not accept PayPal payments I missed out on a lot of business because a lot of people like to use PayPal to buy products on the Internet.

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