My Website is Complete, Now What?

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After you have your website designed the next step is marketing your website. You can have a great web site, but if no one knows it's there it won't do you any good.

Besides print and word of mouth advertising, add your link to search engines, directories, guest books and exchange links with websites that are similar to your website.

Note: Ensure not to put blatant advertisements in someone's guest book. That's very rude and would offend anyone. Take a look around the person's web site and tell them what you liked about it, while also leaving your web address. Invite them to sign your guest book if you have one.

You should always attach your web address to every email message that you send out. This makes it easy for surfers to come back to your web site.

Be patient because it takes time build up a steady flow of traffic.

Paid website promotion is highly recommended because you don't have to wait to be listed in search engines. If you would like to guaranteed that your site is included in search engine queries immediately, you can sign up for any or all of the following paid search engine submission services:

Google Adwords - Pay Per Click

Traffic Blazer - Yearly $50

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