Macromedia Fireworks

What is Macromedia Fireworks? Macromedia Fireworks is a bitmap graphics editor developed by Macromedia and is bundled as of the Studio MX suite.

macromedia fireworks software

This program is built to allow web designers the ability to manipulate web graphics. It is often compared to likes of Adobe's Photoshop. It is perfect for editing .gif and .jpg web graphics found in web site design templates.


  • The complete solution for creating, optimizing and integrating great-looking web graphics

  • Provides web developers professional control to quickly create original web graphics and interactivity

  • Create simple graphical buttons, sophisticated rollover effects and pop-up menus

  • Allows easy import, integration and editing of vector and bitmap images in all the major graphics formats

  • Export to other Macromedia products such as Flash and Dreamweaver and third party web development tools



Fireworks Reviews

Macromedia Fireworks Review from Scott:

...this review is more for you than the professional or even the newbie. I'm not a graphics pro, though I have a decent amount of experience on everything from Paint Shop Pro to programs no longer in use. I started using Fireworks as part of the Studio suite of programs included with Dreamweaver and the other Macromedia products. When I started using Dreamweaver, I wasn't aware of what Fireworks could do and held off using it. But when I needed professional looking graphic logos, and Corel Draw wasn't doing what I needed, I went to Fireworks and haven't looked back.

Fireworks does image manipulation similar to Photoshop. Whether it is as capable in that area is debatable. I haven't used Photoshop, but have ordered a copy to see the differences. I'm also not as skilled in image work as I am in things like creating graphics for web sites or business cards, so I'm not the best source of comparison. However, I have taken some original images I shot with my digicam and worked with them to get the results I liked. There are many features in Fireworks for this kind of work, and for the most part, unless you are doing something spectacular, you should be able to use FW for this task. Unfortunately, if you want a thorough discussion on vector and raster graphics and software, this isn't it.

Fire Works is reasonably easy to learn to use. It will take you a while to get good at it, however. And you probably won't become a graphics pro just by buying this software. However, it is nice to have this program in my toolkit for general, advanced amateur use. Maybe you add Photoshop if you really need it, but for the most part, this just might get the job done.

Fireworks On Ebay

Macromedia Fireworks on is one of the best tools to edit web graphics. For some individuals and small companies affording it might seem difficult. Besides buying directly from Macromedia you can purchase a legal and licensed copy of Macromedia Fireworks from other software vendors.

You can often find Macromedia Fireworks at a discount on eBay. A software store may have gotten surplus copies of Macromedia Fireworks or wish to reduce their Macromedia Fireworks inventory due to an updated version and will sell new copies of Fireworks at a reduced cost. There are also educational versions of Macromedia Fireworks available for students and schools. If you already have a Macromedia Fireworks product, product upgrades are also available for purchase. Before you bid on an auction, make sure that the Fireworks products says the product is "new and in a retail box".

Following are Macromedia Fireworks software auctions on eBay.



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