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Frequently Asked Questions about using the Hoover Web Design Free Flash Web Site Builder

Q. How much does it cost to use your web Site Builder?

A. Nothing, our Flash Site Builder is free for you to use.

Q. Why do I have to register to use the Site Builder?

A. When the Site Builder was first launched we let visitors use the builder without registering. Many took advantage of this and used fake email addresses to send their web site to. I guess they had nothing better to do? Anyway, this resulted in hundred's of bounced messages coming back to us, so now you need to confirm your email first with a log-in id and password to use the Site Builder. Your email address won't be distributed or used for anything other than receiving your website.

Q. I didn't receive a password or my web site in my email. What should I do?

A. Perhaps you typed in an incorrect email address, your email address may be too long or you are unable to receive email from our domain. If this happens, use another email address.

Q. I forgot my login password.

A. Contact us.

Q. Do you have a step by step tutorial on using the Flash Web Site Builder?

A. Yes. Click here to view a short tutorial on using the Flash Builder. We recommend you read through this before building your web site.

Q. I didn't receive all of the files in the zip file. Theme_x.swf is missing.

A. Theme_x.swf should be theme_1.swf or theme_2.swf depending on whether you choose to make a business website or a personal website.

Q. How do you create a link?

A. Use the following code to create external links :

<a href="">Hoover Web Design</a>

Simply replace the url with the url that you want to link to and replace Hoover Web Design with the name of your link. You can add a line break between links by using the <BR> tag or a paragraph by using the <P> tag.

Q. I built my web site with the Site Builder, now what?

A. Next you need to upload your free flash website (this includes the text file that you created named var.txt along with files received in zip format to your email address) to your web host. A web host is someone that you pay to have your website accessible on the Internet. Think of a web host as a computer's hard drive that allows everyone all over the World to view your web site. Hoover Web Design offers web hosting and would be happy to host your website for you. Click here for details. After you have secured your web hosting all you have to do is upload your web site to your web space. You would need to check with your web host about how to upload files to your web space. We recommend doing this via FTP. After you have uploaded all of your files, just view your website in your browser, like the example.

Q. How do I edit my web site?

A. You don't need to come back to Hoover Web Design to edit your web site. Simply open the text file and make any changes to the text as you would like. To edit the picture, simply replace the image with your new image. The image must be the same dimensions.

Q. How many web sites can I make with Hoover Web Design's Site Builder?

A. As many as you want. If you like the Site Builder, we'd appreciate a link back and that you tell a friend about it.

Q. Can I license a copy of your Site Builder for use on my web site?

A. Yes, please contact us to inquire.

Q. I need an advanced website builder that offers more features.

A. Check out a list of premium website builders.


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